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The Absolute WORST (and best) Baby Positions

The position of your baby is SO KEY for a smooth and quick labor. All three of my labors involved a baby positioning issue - 2 were super long (24+hours) and the other was a breech birth that resulted in a c-section. Let’s dive into the different positions a baby can be in while they’re snug as a...


8 Incredible Facts You Never Knew About Placentas

I had heard about “birthing” a placenta. I mean, my childbirth class talked about it. But after I gave that final push and heard my precious baby crying - I completely forgot about it. Then all of a sudden, when the nurse told me to flip over so they could deliver the placenta, I remembered and...


Overcoming Fear in Childbirth

I just did a quick google search - I had my suspicions but wanted to double check - what does the internet world say on dealing with fear in pregnancy? Are there already resources out there that I just don’t know about? My suspicions were true - there is very little out there about dealing...